Windfall is a dynamic acoustic quartet featuring beautiful harmonies coupled with hot guitar, mandolin, fiddle and harmonica licks held together with a solid bottom end on acoustic bass and percussion payday advance here: loans online website. Specializing in Americana/Roots music, Windfall covers folk, blues, rock, Celtic, as well as many old time and bluegrass standards.

Windfall plays music from the past to the present as well as original material. Playing songs from a variety of artists like Tim O'Brien, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Dar Williams, Jackson Browne, Gordon Lightfoot, Eric Clapton, Little Feat, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Jack Williams, John Prine, Nancy Griffith and many more.

Friendly as a familiar old porch swing, warm and cozy as sitting around the fire, fresh and honest as the Blue Ridge breeze, Windfall plays uniquely American music.

Their songs, some old – some new, are honest snapshots of America. Their sound is rich in harmonies, intricate lively picking and strumming, and heartfelt singing. Windfall takes their audience for a wondeful trip through the eclectic Americana landscape. Windfall's newest CD "Floyd Time" is packed with new original material and some classic songs from the past. As one reviewer wrote:

Floyd Time, Windfall’s second effort, is a unique and timeless album. This humble but adventurous masterpiece honors the band’s home, Floyd, Virginia, a village in the southwestern mountains known for its independent spirit and music scene. Windfall pulls together a rich variety of styles of music united with skillful musicianship, passionate harmonies, and emotive lead vocals which defies button-holing into conventional genres. One thing’s for certain, this album is not the product of New York, Los Angeles, or even Nashville. It’s music from the heartland, rural Appalachia, and the south.

Unburdened by the pressures of working for a commercial record label, Windfall is able to perform truly genuine heartfelt music devoid of any sense of posturing or cheesy commercialistic self-promotion methods required in the commercial arena. Theirs is that gourmet feast one craves from a fine local restaurant, only one of a kind, in one particular town unlike the predictability and caution of even the finest dining chains. Regardless, Windfall’s Floyd Time is a masterful album that deserves to be heard. When it comes to promotion, what could be better than the sincere appreciation expressed by one enchanted listener expressing his or her delight with a music-loving friend?

Listen up, and pass the word!

~Rob Bannister, Independent Music Critic
Baltimore, MD

Read about the release of Windfall's latest CD, FLOYD TIME.

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