Different Types of Anonymous Cards

When it comes to money, you always should be careful. This is especially the case when you try to pay for something online. At that point, privacy has become the major nuance to keep in mind. Most people try to protect payment data from scamming, secrecy, lack of confidence, as well as anonymous gifts. The growing needs for anonymity have resulted in the establishment of multiple mechanisms. Speaking of possible anonymization ways, there are four major options:


Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most popular ways of anonymous payments. The specificity of the cryptocurrencies is marked with the clearance of transactions that still enable a certain level of anonymity. It’s highly recommended to buy relatively new cryptocurrencies because their producers concentrate on their anonymity by giving priority to transactions' safety. At the same time, strict limitations on the use of payments can be the weak side of crypto assets. Thus, most online stores and services still refuse to accept them.

Disposable virtual cards

There are some services masking the users' personal details. The principle of work of so-called “masked cards” is based on the idea of a one-time use credit card number. Here, the use of names becomes a part of the common policies where a cardholder's real name doesn’t need to be stated. The major limit can be observed in regards to geographic locations, because most such services are available in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

Prepaid plastic bank cards

Prepaid plastic bank cards are considered to be the best ways to proceed with anonymous online payments. Thus, they are available in the wide range of online stores and services. By getting a prepaid plastic card in a land-based office, you rely on anonymity.

Ezzocard virtual prepaid cards

Virtual prepaid cards issued by Ezzocard can be a good example of prepaid cards where total anonymity, easiness of use, and online accessibility are major characteristics. You can get Ezzocard card products via anonymous payment methods and register them in a particular name. If you are a citizen of the United States or Canada, this kind of virtual cards is probably the best option you can find. Even though this type of card doesn’t have the most advanced security protection, it is quite convenient for average customers.

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