Windfall's engaging style is backed up by their tight vocals and solid instrumental capabilities. They have played in the New River Valley for the past several years at venues like Oddfellas Cantina, Café Del Sol and the Floyd World Music festival as well as the Blacksburg "Steppin' Out" festival. 

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Windfall's CD, Floyd Time

CD tracks include:
Across the Great Divide
On a Roll
Love It On You
Sweet Thing
Gulf Coast Highway
Floyd Time
Someday Soon
Dark Hollow
You Don't Know Me
Thinking of Doves
A Thousand Voices
Summer Fly
The End of the Line

Windfall's CD, Autumn's Aire

Cost for this CD is $12, including shipping.
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CD tracks include:
Love Someone Like Me
Man Gave Names
Autumn's Aire
Dixie Girl
The Bully Song
I Wish it Would Rain
Blueberry Muffins
Mama Lou
Fiddle & Bow
Cup of Tea
Rake's Knob
Who Will Watch the Homeplace?


Take a listen for yourself! 
Enjoy a few tracks from our first CD, produced and recorded at Windfall Studios...

Love Someone
Fiddle and Bow
Dixie Girl


Click here to enjoy a live video clip of Windfall at Floyd's annual Spring into Summer festival.

A note from a satisfied listener:

Hi Dave, Mike, Kari and Rusty . . . .

My wife and I sat and listened to you last night. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your performance.

We were a bit slow getting up this morning. But as soon as we did, I played your CD. Our Airstream has a very fine Sony system that does solid justice to music. Although I could have played it last night, I wanted to let the night pass, then wake up to sunshine and listen with a fresh and rested mind.

My reaction: I could not have begun my day with a finer 50 minutes. That CD is so well engineered that at least to my ears, it borders on being technically flawless. The crispness and clarity are truly outstanding.

Equally impressive is how well you have mastered not only what could be called the music of the mountains but also universal and enduring classics. The crossover is so exceptionally smooth that neither the music nor your talents are compromised. Very few musicians anywhere have the skill to ease right up to that fine line without crossing over into an alien quagmire of confusion and uncertainty.

None of that should have surprised me. That's because of how well you have mastered your instruments and your voices.

As for you performance last night, your demeanor was engaging without sounding false or intruding upon the reason for your being here with us. Your presence was consistent from beginning to end. So was your execution. Just as important, you sensed when you should stop. You even did that so smoothly that although your music had stopped, it still lingered inside of us. As a result, and you may have noticed, few were in a hurry to leave.

I'm not alone in offering these sentiments. I talked with several today who considered themselves as having been royally entertained last night. They, too, played their CD's this morning and were absolutely delighted.

Keep playing, learning and exploring as you continue to make your lives the adventure it was meant to be.

Good luck and God bless . . . .

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