Popular Tennis Betting Strategies

There are not so many working pre-match theories that allow you to be in the plus at a distance. Let us consider in detail some of them. A number of experienced bettors do not study all the fights in a row, but pay attention to those meetings where you can observe a strong drop in the odds on the favorites and a small load of outsiders. At the same time, the qualifications of the tournament and the first stage of the main draw immediately after qualification fall under close attention, where there are a lot of incorrect loads for the favorite, and even the office analysts themselves often incorrectly determine the leader of the pair. Learn more about tennis bets if you want to earn on bets using https://tennisbetslab.com/.

All this is due to the fact that at the very beginning of the tournament it is difficult for analysts at the office to determine at what level tennis players will play in the tournament that has started. Full information can be obtained on qualifying matches and the next stage after qualification, when the players of the main grid begin to play. Only by viewing their game in the first rounds of qualification and the first round of the main grid, analysts already have an accurate idea of ​​the shape of each tennis player and set extremely accurate coefficients. For this reason, experienced bettors in the first rounds make pre-match bets, looking for mistakes of bookmakers. And in the later rounds, bets are placed in the course of the meeting.

Here is one of the many wrong downloads of an imaginary favorite that happened in the qualification of one of the Masters 1000 series tournaments. Those pairs where there was no clear leader when the favorite of the couple initially had a coefficient in the range of 1.60-1.80 came under scrutiny. This suggests that even BC analysts recognize such a tennis player as a favorite, but there are serious doubts about his victory. Once a huge army of young bettors powerfully loaded such an implicit favorite, you can safely bet on an outsider. It is worth paying attention to the couple, where there is a small load on the outsider of the couple.

Having discovered the above situations, you should not immediately recklessly make a bet against the leader of the pair, first you need to carefully analyze everything. If the analysis shows that there is a chance of an outsider winning, you can bet on its high coefficient.

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